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Marijuana/Cannabis available in pounds

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May 29, 2021 Cannabis Strains

Price: 1500.00 Dollar US$

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We only deal in top shelf, high quality cannabis. All our flowers have T.H.C. value in the range anywhere from 16-24%, with C.B.D. levels of +/- .6%,we are located in USA.We are constantly updating are menu, and improving our products, and services. Some of our strains are super sour diesel,White widow ,OG Kush,GDP,Sour Diesel,Purple Haze,Purple kush,Blue Dream,Green Crack ,Girl scout cookies..Etc..We bring you Indoor,Greenhouse & Outdoor varieties of strains at great donations.we do bulk sales only (lbs)Anything kush is getting higher on prices because there is not enough and the demands is high as well , So we have pounds for 1800,2200,2700 for indoor,Greenhouse and Outdoor strains.Not looking to front anyone.Dont ask for samples.By contacting this ad you verify that you are*have read and understood our terms and conditions*18 years or older*not law enforcement or affiliated*not donating for illegal use of mmjIf your a serious type of person trying to do real business and not looking for a hand out then let’s do biz.Not a newbie to this at all. NO Fronts. NO EXCEPTIONS. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE NO FRONTS IM TIRED OF PEOPLE SAYING I JUST GOT RIPPED OFF OR THERE ARE A LOTS OF SCAMMERS ,IF THATS REAL WHY ARE YOU STILL ON HERE??All our meds are top flight organically grown with strong nose/smell and taste.Thank you for taking your time to read my ad.Great flowers. Tight Trim, no shake or seeds.Good potency with great smell and flavor.!!!!phone: +1 347 - 919 - 3908WhatsApp: +1 725 - 867 - 9236Wickr app:  poundssupply 

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Total Views:165
Reference Id:#2282
phone number: +1 347-919-3908 - Call
whatsapp: +1 725-867-9236
contact email :
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