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The plant grows relatively tall which is why it is best to be
cultivated outdoors, although it is limited between 40 degrees
latitude North and South outdoors. It allows easy topping due to the
distance of the internodes and also has long, spindly leaves that
manifest a typical sativa. There is also a high calyx to leaf ratio
with dense clusters of nugs and growers normally expect to have 700
grams or more of its buds.
    Super Lemon Haze forms long buds bearded in extra-long hairs and
retains a willowy sativa growth pattern.
    This strain can also do well in soil or hydroponic environment and
prefers a high PK intake in later flowering.
    Its Lemon Skunk mother brings a fragrant lemon intensity that
tantalizes haze fans while adding a steady skunk genetics that appeals
most to growers. The influence of the haze genes makes it a better
multi-branched plant.
    When grown indoors, the plant has an average height of 3.5 feet
but can reach up to 10 feet tall when properly set up on outdoor
    The taste of Super Lemon Haze has hints of dank, pepper, spice and
underlying sweet flavor that is very lemony. It gives a somewhat musky
and danky aftertaste and the effects is not very rapid but can last
for two and a half hours.

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