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Price: 1100.00 Dollar US$

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????????????????HASH Medical Marijuana Strian★ ALL 20 BRAND OF VAPE CARTS AVIALABLE IN BULK????????100% ORGANIC STRAIN????CALL OR TEXT ☎ ????WAX⛽ FACE TO FACE DELIVERY ONLY CARTS Hybrid???? Indica>⛽Sativa>⛽,Medical Marijuana>????,~~~~~????~~~ Shelf Flowers. OGs, Kush, Girls scout Cookies, Straw Berries, Exotic vape, Rare Flowers.I got ~~~ shelf THC 90% HASH Medical Marijuana Strian Mix With SPACE MONKEY Hybrid>indica>sativa>shatter girls scout cookies I got codine, ~~~~~, ketamin, piles, ketamin crystal, ketamin soft,Hi tech,~~~~~~~,syrup,and more shit Hit my cell 8045962908 ASAP???????????????????????????? Fire ????????????????buds, ????????????wax , rosin,shatter. crumble, edibbles, Vape pen, Bong,Vape cartridges,Clones, almost????????10-18 ~~~~~~~~~a215????????????-Oxycontin 40 mg???????????? -Oxycontin 80 mg???????????? -~~~~~~~~~ 30 mg ????????????- ~~~~~~~~ 10 mg????????????= – ~~~~~~~~ 20 mg ????????????= – ~~~~~ 2 mg ????????????= – ~~~~~~~~ 8 mg ????????????- Subutex 8 mg ????????????=- R~~~~~~~~~ 30 mg ????????????=-~~~~~ 10 mg????????????- Mandrax (Quaalude) 300 mg???????????? – Hydrocodone 500 mg???????????? – ~~~~~~~~ 10 mg ????????????- ~~~~~~~ 5 mg ????????????- ~~~~~~~~ 20 mg???????????? – Lortab Watson 7.5 mg????????????-~~~~~~~ Syrup ????????????– Co2 Cartridges????????????– Shatter????????????– Crumble Wax????????????– Dab Juice????????????– 510 Batteries????????????
Benefits include the following:

*100% Organic (No solvents)????
*Eye-popping design????
*~~~~~~~ construction????
*Real terps taste????
*SC Lab Tested concentrates (98-99%)????
*26 consistent flavors????
*~~~~ Delivery Face To Face????
*~~~~ refunds????
Present Vape Brands include:????????????%????????

2.Brass Knuckles????????????
3.ATS Galaxy????????????????
4.Dr Zodiacs????????????????
5.New black Dank Vapes???????????? & Regular Dank????????????????
6.Moxie ????????????????
8.Mario carts????????????????
9.Supreme carts????????????????
10.Exotic carts????????????????
11.Heavy Hitters????????????????
12.Batteries and Charger????????????????
13.Eureka Clear Cartridges????????????????
14.Clear Oil Vape Pens????????????????
15.Select Elite Vape Cartridge????????????????
16.FlavRx – Cannabis Oil Vape????????????????
17.Platinum Vape Carts 1000mg????????????????
18.Distillate Carts????????????????
19.Life Line Vape Carts????????????????
20.Kind Distillate Vape Carts????????????????
21.Bart carts

We guarantee the safety passage of your package ,all our packages are customized and ~ sealed packages this means that they are custom ~~~~. We offer triple vacuum seal and stealth package on all orders so it can’t be scent detected by ~(dogs) or electronic sniffers, We do provide refunds or replace your order if there is a failure in delivering.we do only face to face hit me up only serious client are welcome we local all states NO BOOKING WE DELIVER TODAY AN PROVIDE NIGHT DELIVERY 24/7 ~~~~~ WITH EXTRA FEE FOR LATE NIGHT DELIVERY ASAP????

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